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Climate-ready business and investment

We help investors and companies

achieve a net-zero, climate resilient future.



Climate considerations are becoming (or already are!) a part of every company's action plan. To truly understand and manage climate associated financial risk and make substantive positive contributions to climate and nature outcomes, investors and companies need access to robust and transparent science, data and methodologies. They also need comprehensive climate risk and "decision-making-under-uncertainty" solutions that enable the conversion of climate insights intro practical management processes and deliberate corporate and investment strategy.


ClimateXBI. is a data translator that enables businesses and investors to convert climate intelligence into business intelligence. ClimateXBI tackles complex and uncertain subject matter and delivers decision-ready content and analysis that is understandable, relevant, and actionable. By simplifying the complex, ClimateXBI gives organizations the ability to expand the utility of climate information, putting it to use in decision-making processes and aligning decarbonization and resilience strategies with corporate strategy and objectives.

Our climate solution pairs strategy and management expertise with a hands-on approach to climate analytics rooted in science and technical excellence.


Golder / WSP


ClimateXBI is a strategic collaboration between Golder and VIRIDI Global.

This collaboration builds on a history of joint market leading climate change projects and initiatives. ClimateXBI brings both company's expertise to clients via a single solution - addressing in one place our clients' rapidly evolving needs to combine enterprise-grade climate strategy and financial analysis with scientific and technical expertise, competencies and tools.  


Our holistic, data-driven approach to climate and nature strategy and execution is rooted in our firsthand experience helping companies, investors, and governments around the world. In response to their rapidly evolving needs, we have brought together in one place highly skilled and experienced earth, water, energy and environmental engineers and scientists, corporate governance and strategy specialists, financial analysts, economists, risk managers, and accountants.

Together, we enable organizations to measure, manage and report on transition and physical climate-related risks and opportunities. 

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