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Quantify the impact and likelihood of events while also accounting for an evolving understanding of climate change and uncertainty.

Physical Risk and Climate Resilience

The need to invest in climate resilient infrastructure and solutions is greater than ever. Companies and communities need the ability to address and overcome climate related impacts. Yet the challenges of modelling, measuring, managing, and mitigating physical climate risk remain significant. Companies, investors, and regulators are increasingly interested in developing climate-scenario analysis and stress-testing capabilities to better characterize and price risk, and to effectively invest in risk mitigation measures and enhance resilience.

Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists embrace these challenges by focusing on understanding what risk mitigation means to our clients. Solutions focus on climate-scenario analysis and stress testing to better characterize and price risk. We integrate with your existing risk and asset management systems, delivering solutions to your needs.


How we can help

Climate Risk Modelling and Analytics
  • Geo-spatial analysis / GIS mapping and visualization

  • Couple surface and ground hydro-climate modelling

  • Ocean-based analysis (e.g. sea level rise, storm surge, coastal erosion)

  • Risk analysis (deterministic & probabilistic)

  • Managed climate analytics

Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
  • Natural disaster and climate change data analysis (e.g. trend analysis, scenario analysis) 

  • Scenario and vulnerability-based impact/ risk assessments

  • Asset valuation and quantitative modelling / stress testing

  • Economic impact assessment (e.g. Value-at-Risk, ROI, climate-adjusted cash flow and earnings modelling)

Climate Resilience Strategy and Implementation
  • Adaptation and resilience options analysis

  • Risk-based strategy development and resilience planning

  • Adaptation program and project delivery

  • Decision-support software and tools

  • Project / program monitoring & evaluation

  • Capacity building and training

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